What is NVC?

Nonviolent Communication can be described in many different ways… Partly it’s a tool or set of tools which helps to build mutual understanding between people, and can help to find effective and mutually beneficial outcomes, even from initial tension and conflict.

It’s also the mindset or ‘consciousness’ from which this process is born – one which seeks to ground us first in our common humanity, and the awareness that we all matter. NVC suggests that our feelings and desires are important information which can help us to improve our circumstances and relationships.

This important information is often lost in the way we tend to articulate what is going on for us. The framework of NVC helps us to communicate in ways which are more likely to be received empathically by other people, and can also be very useful in helping us listen to others in a more empathic way – to really help us get a better understanding of what’s important for each other.

Link to youtube vid here? Or recommend Marshall’s book? Or leave it there?

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