Here are some testimonials from recent workshop participants…

“One of the most meaningful events I have been to, and I have been to many. The space was held beautifully by the inspirational facilitators. I have been left feeling held, inspired and connected to what is real. Thank you, immense gratitude and I look forward to returning.”

“Today has been a space of safety, richness, deep experience and care. The venue was beautiful, rich and varied. The spiral that reconnects touches the heart and the active spirit. Thank you!”

“I feel motivated and empowered to learn more ways to integrate nvc into my personal life and relationships!”

“Wow, what an amazing rich and beautiful day co-created with love and care. So grateful for the learning and the connections in this beautiful place.”

“Leaving feeling rejuvinated and thoroughly nourished. So grateful for the care and thought put into the planning and holding.”

“I’m taking away a great framework for connecting with other people and being able to express my feelings and needs without being overwhelmed by them.”

“I loved the positive energy, the openness of the group, feeling like there was no judgement in the room and learning how to be a better human 🙂 “

“Thank you for sharing this wonderful practice with us. I hope our paths will cross again! I’ve experienced incredible personal growth over the last few weeks with you.”

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