We are a collective of facilitators with different skills, and a shared vision. From these roots of collaboration, inspiration, learning and mutual support, we are taking small steps to build deeper connection and co-create a world that works for all.

Viv Slack: Viv facilitates groups, hosts events and works embedding principles of nonviolence, co-production and collaboration within organisations and social change movements. She is founder of Connecting Wisdom, co-founder of Street Support Network, and actively involved in XRUK and NVC-UK.

Tom Wilkinson: Tom shares NVC and the underlying principles of nonviolence in an effort to contribute towards inner and outer peace in our communities, offering NVC training and practice groups. He is also works with NVC-UK, supporting the NVC community in the UK.

Tom Deacon: Tom feels most at home out with the elementals in the mountains and on the coastlines of the UK. He draws great inspiration from weaving and facilitating lived experiences in wild places with transformative processes rooted in deep ecology, systems theory, ecopsychology and ecotherapy, including ‘The Work That Reconnects‘.

Frances Stoakley: Frances is passionate about creating space for body mind awareness – finding ways to reconnect our bodies and minds, in recognition that our bodies have a greater capacity for wisdom and knowing than we often acknowledge.  Wherever possible she loves to offer this work in the rich context of the natural world. She draws on a background in physical theatre, holistic acupressure, qi gong & shiatsu and ecological sciences. Find out more about these offerings here.

Sara Carter: Sara is a Dance Artist, Teacher and Facilitator based in West Yorkshire. Her somatic movement offerings focus on connection with our bodies and the environment through experiential practice and the intelligence of the body knowing, combining science with creativity, spirituality and the healing arts. Find out more about her upcoming events here.

Carmen Byrne: Carmen is a multi-media storyteller and researcher.  She loves to work with groups using different types of narratives, including visual, auditory and written, to explore what social, organisational or system changes need to happen for us to live in a fair, equal and sustainable world. Her background includes visual arts education, Narrative Research (PhD) and Creativity (MA), leading and training innovation teams in the creative industries, and working on co-produced projects alongside individuals experiencing poverty, mental ill-health and homelessness. Explore her work at

May Molteno: May is a Hebden Bridge based facilitator, trainer and activist, working with young people, communities, ethical businesses and social movements. She is passionate about nature reconnection, social and climate justice, and connecting people with place.

Mary Maclachlan: Mary runs Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) courses, drop in parental support groups, one to one support for parents, forest school training and outdoor events. Find out about Mary’s courses here.


Here are some of the other fantastic facilitators, creative folk and Certified NVC trainers we work alongside…

Sarah Ludford – A Lancaster based NVC certified trainer with years of experience, specialising in conflict transformation, working with organisations, and offering in-depth courses in Lancaster and Manchester.

Ceri Buckmaster – A London based NVC certified trainer, with a wealth of knowledge around power and privilege, diverse communities, and connecting across differences. Find out more about Ceri and read her latest writing at

NVC-UK Conflict transformation weave
Collaboration as part of NVC-UK Conflict Transformation Weave.

Join Us!

If you are offering work locally that supports reconnection and would like to be part of our collective, come join us!

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