ULab / Theory U

TheoryU developed through two decades of action research at MIT, and is now used worldwide by people looking for ways to transform our systems and society to something that works for all – all people, our communities, and our planet.

The ULab framework provides a way to navigate through various phases of ‘The U’:

  • Sensing and seeing the whole systems, by taking in different perspectives and stepping outside of our normal modes of listening and understanding
  • Being willing to pause in the discomfort of not knowing, to wait and listen for deeper wisdom to emerge from the collective (the emerging future)
  • Stepping into experiments and iterative action, integrating feedback and updating what action we take based on what we learn together as we take steps

It’s a really different way to find next steps together, to move beyond our current ways of thinking, and set conditions for new insights and ideas to emerge.

If you are interested in finding out more, and reading some of my experiences of ULab/TheoryU, read our blog here.

If you would like support to explore ULab / Theory U, please get in touch.

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