We can offer facilitation support to groups and organisations, bringing in different tools and frameworks based on your needs.

We also co-facilitate our own projects including:

  • GM Transformation Lab – a reflection and connection space for change makers and leaders in Greater Manchester
  • GMHAN – a cross sector network working to end homelessness in GM

Collaborative decision making

We offer facilitation support for inclusive and effective group decision making, including a process we LOVE called Convergent Facilitation. The process supports groups to find a solution that all involved are truly willing to say yes to, based on understanding what is important to everyone and aware of power dynamics.

Systemic change

We also offer sessions for collaborative systems change based on the Theory U / ULab framework, including a process Viv, Tom D and Carmen are co-facilitating called GM Transformation Lab.


If you need specific support in facilitating a group of people to connect across different perspectives, to make decisions or find creative solutions together, get in touch.

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