Body mind awareness

The more aware and mindful we are of our bodies responses to our needs, and the World, the more we can create compassionate relationships and empathy with others. Frances is passionate about creating space for body mind awareness – finding ways to reconnect our bodies and minds, in recognition that our bodies have a greater capacity for wisdom and knowing than we often acknowledge.

In being mindful of the language of the body in its responses to our needs and thoughts, we can fostering deeper, more compassionate connections with the wider world – benefiting our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the natural world. Wherever possible, this work is offered outside, drawing on direct experiences of the interconnection between our bodies and the natural world. This is also a way to explore our direct experience via metaphor, meaning making, inspiration and physicality.

With a background in physical theatre, holistic acupressure, qi gong & shiatsu and ecological sciences, Frances offers work with groups, and 1:1 sessions. To find out more, visit Connective Space Shiatsu.


Relaxing – Releasing – Revitalising sessions to open your body, awaken your energy and calm your mind.Drop-in sessions most Friday mornings – all in the surrounds of our beautiful Valley.

If you are interested in practices that benefit body, heart and mind, actively supporting the immune system, soothing our nervous system and boosting our overall wellbeing please get in touch. The sessions draw on the ancient arts of Qigong and Shiatsu and will involve simple mindful movements, stretches and breathwork. I will introduce some of my favourite self-care shiatsu exercises and acupressure points to the sessions which can be helpful for common ailments and supporting ourselves when we need some physical or emotional ‘first-aid’.

Please contact Frances if you have any questions.

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