Walks that Reconnect

The National Forest landscape is rich in history, inspiration and metaphor, offering the perfect setting to step out and explore pathways to resilience and wellbeing.

Active Hope is about finding, and offering, our best response to personal, local and global issues in this time of unfolding crises.

But how do we explore, find and offer our unique contribution to bringing about a better future?

These four walks, moving through a journey of appreciation, challenge, perspective and action, are an invitation to do just that…..

Each walk is guided through a combination of text and audio. You can stream or download these below. Before you step out, be sure to read the ‘How to’ section further down this page.

#1. Walking With Appreciation

Tuning our senses, supporting our well-being

Download audio for offline playing | Download audio transcript

#2. Navigating Challenge Together

Welcoming our feelings, building resilience

Download audio for offline playing | Download audio transcript

#3. Exploring Shifts In Perspective

Widening our views, opening to connection

Download audio for offline playing | Download audio transcript

#4. Stepping Toward Action

Exercising our imaginations, enacting hope

Download audio for offline playing | Download audio transcript

The Walks that Reconnect ‘How to’:

  1. Choose any nourishing walk within The National Forest (ideas here). This can be a walk you already know – one that you do regularly, one of the well-marked trails through the forest, or you may just go out following your curiosity (a micro adventure!)

However you choose to do this, allow about 1.5hrs for the walk.

  1. Decide whether you will walk solo, or invite a walking partner/others if you wish. (Please note: You will all need to have a set of headphones and to have downloaded the audio and texts onto a portable device or be able to stream them).
  1. The walks have been designed to be experienced in sequence, though each walk can also stand alone. Choose your walk, print or download the Walk Guide and have the Walk Audio ready to play through your device (download or stream).
  1. Other things you will need:
  • A notepad/piece of paper and pen/pencil (for journaling if walking ‘solo’).
  • Something to sit/lie on if the ground is damp/needs cushioning
  • Whatever else is needed for a walk in the terrain you choose and the conditions on the day.

Note: If you are walking with others, it will be helpful to all press play on each of the audios at the same time.

Done one or more of the walks? We’d love to hear from you!

We’d be super grateful for 90 seconds of your time on this form, your views will help us further develop these walks for others.

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