Support for organisations

We love working with organisations and groups to develop mutual understanding, empathy and effective collaboration. We use various methods, tools and frameworks to support and inform what we do, in person or online. Here are some examples…

Nonviolent Communication: NVC is a rich framework for finding connection with ourselves and others, to help us understand and express what’s going on, and to communicate with authenticity and care, developed by Marshall Rosenberg. We base much of our work on NVC, and can offer foundation or topic based NVC training.

The Work that Reconnects / Active Hope: The Work that Reconnects developed by Joanna Macy and others “helps people discover and experience their innate connections with each other and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action”

ULab: This framework supports groups with diverse perspectives to come together in uncertainty, to see and sense the whole system, and from there see what’s emerging as a way forward, and collaborate moving into action. Find out more about our current project in Greater Manchester at

Convergent Facilitation: Many groups find it challenging to make decisions that work for different perspectives and needs. Convergent facilitation supports groups to find proposals that everyone can embrace wholeheartedly, developed by Miki Kashtan. In the process, individuals feel heard and valued, gain more understanding of other perspectives, and increase their capacity to collaborate and find creative solutions.

Mediation: NVC mediation can support people to feel able to walk towards each other and reconnect when there has been a conflict.

Restorative Circles: This restorative group process developed by Dominic Barter is a beautiful way to restore relationships and trust as a community or group.

Storytelling: The different narratives we encounter, whether visual or written, help us negotiate our place in the world and our identities.  Using different types of narratives in storytelling, is a powerful and effective way for individuals to share ideas, opinions and experiences to inform change.

Visual arts: We can use visual arts and other narratives to identify needs for change, as well as to activate change at individual, group, organisation and community level.  This may involve working with internal teams, key stakeholders or other individuals.  This process can be co-productive at strategic or operational level, or it can be research. It can be a way to explore different perspectives, in recognition that we all experience the world differently, as a springboard for creating an accessible, fair, kind, equal and sustainable world.  It may involve empowering individuals to share their stories.  How we use visual arts and other narratives as change-makers is always respectful, transparent, engaging and adapted to the different projects, campaigns, organisations and individuals we work with.

Alongside this toolkit and insights from the range of people we collaborate with, we can support you to explore organisational structure (informed by reinventing organisations), set up feedback and conflict systems, facilitate workshops or deliver training.

Organisations we have been involved with so far include Greater Manchester Homelessness Action Network; Extinction Rebellion & Ethics Kit.

Here are some of the benefits of taking some time out to reconnect as a group…

  • More clarity in communication, so that more effective collaboration is possible.
  • More understanding of different views, moving beyond blame and judgement.
  • Building a culture of giving and receiving feedback, and stepping towards conflict.
  • Developing a willingness to be authentic and vulnerable, including in saying no!
  • Welcoming asking for support when we are finding things difficult to hold.

What we do is based on understanding the specific needs and challenges arising in each context, so please get in touch to explore together how we might work together.

Support for individuals

We also love sharing NVC principles and practices with people who are interested in support for their personal development and in their relationships. We offer practice groups, workshops, and social events to support people to integrate NVC into their lives, or if you are interested to work with someone one to one, please get in touch.

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