Gatherings 2022

We will be gathering as community for a few days to hang out, live together based on choice and authenticity, weave the amazing practices and experiences we already have, co-create and learn as we go, without money as a barrier.

Friday 10th to Monday 13th June 2022 – Near Todmorden, West Yorkshire

We dream of more spaces to experience and practice radical acceptance, where we can say what is true, can be mad or sad or grumpy or numb or full of energy, where everything is welcome. We want this to be a place that anyone can access regardless of whether they can contribute financially or not. We will choose what to do with our days based on what is live, supporting each other in navigating whatever comes up.

Is this your thing?!

We want to feel ‘safe enough’ to be authentic, in choice, experiment, make decisions as we go and enjoy it, and at the same time to go to our edges, see our blindspots, give and receive feedback, grieve and allow ourselves space to grow. Some of us are from an nvc background, others of us are exploring ourselves and our world in other ways. We want to include anyone who shares these foundations and is looking for this kind of community. So that this space works for all of us, and so that you can check in if it feels right for you at this time, here are some intentions we are starting with…

  • Being with whatever comes up in us
  • Radical acceptance of whatever comes up in others
  • Commitment to see and transform judgements, ‘shoulds’ and limiting beliefs in ourselves, and to move beyond right/wrong thinking
  • Comfortable to hear and name what we see, including assumptions & blindspots
  • Including the systemic and dynamics of power and privilege in our interactions
  • Naming what you want without attachment to outcome
  • Clear about your own boundaries and able to say no
  • Ability to ask for support from others when you need it
  • Ability to communicate vulnerably, compassionately and clearly with the group
  • Willing to trust the emergence, flow and unknown of a co-created space
  • Open to trying things out, ‘messing up’, hearing and offering feedback

We might not always be able to follow through with these intentions in the moment, but sharing these foundations is important to support us to find a way through together when things are challenging that’s different from the dominant paradigm. We can also come up with simple strategies to support these as we go.

The ‘Plan’

We have a venue booked, and are having conversations about what we need to know beforehand, and co-designing a basic structure to start us off. Draft suggestions are here. The rest we will create together as we go.

The space will be offered on a gift economy basis, with each of us contributing in whatever way we are able including financially, bringing food, sharing lifts, offering workshops or activities, or simply showing up as part of this collective. We’ll be fully transparent around costs and trust that everything will work out between us. A suggested donation is between £50-120 for the accommodation, and is not required.

Any questions please contact us at


If you might be interested to either come along or collaborate on this, please fill in this brief form to register your interest or email us at and we will include you in further communication as things progress. You can opt out at any time.


As with everything we do, we love feedback, and from there can see if the boundaries or plans need to shift. The intention with making this offer is to open something up, meeting needs for creativity, self expression, connection, community and contribution. we would love if what evolves is shaped by all of us and emerges into something even more beautiful.

Exciting times! To whoever it calls… lets do this!!


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