We are currently reviewing and planning more events for 2022. You can join our mailing list for more details.


Relaxing , releasing, revitalising sessions to open your body, awaken your energy and calm your mind. We run some grassroots shiatsu drop-in sessions which draw on the ancient arts of Qigong and Shiatsu and involve simple mindful movements, stretches and breathwork. You can also book one off sessions with Frances.

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Embodied Wisdom, Movement and Somatic Well Being Training

Sara is offering a year long somatic movement training focused on experiential practice and the intelligence of the body knowing. This is an inquiry into the nature of being human and these areas of study, may allow you to see what area you are more pulled towards with further resources  provided to support your learning journey. 

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Seeds of Nonviolent Communication Weekend Workshops (Hebden)

Training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), suitable for beginners and those who want a refresher and more practice.

We gather in a beautiful spot in the woods near Hebden Bridge to learn, practice and live nonviolence together, supported by our community and the land.

Active Hope Workshops (Various venues)

Following a lovely day outside in a beautiful spot near Hebden Bridge, we are planning more Active Hope workshops for Autumn/Winter 2021. We move through a spiral of The Work That Reconnects – grounding ourselves in gratitude, respectfully welcoming our pain, opening to new/ancient perspectives, and stepping toward enlivened action. Interwoven with bodywork and the principles of Nonviolence, this is a space to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the web of life. More info coming soon.

NVC Practice Days

NVC offers us a new way of seeing the world that helps us better understand ourselves and other people so we can create deeper and more real connection in our relationships. And the real transformation happens when we practice! This is a chance to practice alongside others, and support each other with what we find challenging.


We are planning more multi day events for 2022 where we can come together in community and reflect on where we are and where we want to go, exploring different ways to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and our world. More info to follow.

“There’s a place waiting for you, calling you home…”
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