Calderdale NVC Community

We are a friendly and welcoming NVC community in and around Hebden Bridge who meet for connection, support, learning, care, play and more.

Community Gatherings

We meet fortnightly on Saturdays 1-3pm (currently outdoors). This is a co-created space to connect, build community, explore living nonviolence together, and deepen our practice of nvc.

There is also a Telegram group for making ad hoc offers and requests including meeting for empathy, connection, support, walks and outdoor time, workshops or training. This is part of our practice, getting more comfortable to make requests, and respond from authenticity and willingness.

Our group purpose and culture is co-created as we go, based on values of care and consideration, authenticity and honesty, choice and flow. We started meeting in July 2020, and are evolving and learning as we grow.

We welcome new people to the group, and want to be as inclusive as possible, while also creating a safe space based on nvc principles. If you would like to join the group, we would love to meet up with you to let you know more about it and answer any questions you have. If you are new to nvc, we offer opportunities to learn and practice, and can also recommend nvc foundation courses with other trainers. There are also two practice groups, and we are currently also running an NVC book group. So if you are curious, please get in touch.

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