Not busy

I’m not busy. I’m not knackered. I’m not ‘back to back’ with things on. I have made choices to do less, have more space, say no to things that are no longer heartfelt… …and yet in this space things come up – issues around value, self-worth and responsibility; inner criticism that feeds on ideas thatContinue reading “Not busy”


For as long as i remember, my heroes have been Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King… and now I find new inspiration from across the world that I hadn’t heard before – Bertha von Suttner, Aung Sang Suu Kyi and so many more. I always wondered what would I have done if I had lived inContinue reading “Nonviolence”


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We are a collective of facilitators, nvc practitioners and creatives, passionate about reconnection with ourselves, each other and the natural world.

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