Living Nonviolence

Underpinning everything i do is a commitment to nonviolence, and to creating a world where ALL needs matter, where we can ALL thrive. The path of nonviolence was embodied for many by Dr Martin Luther King Junior, and practiced in many contexts around the world. At the core is a commitment to standing up againstContinue reading “Living Nonviolence”

Not busy

I’m not busy. I’m not knackered. I’m not ‘back to back’ with things on. I have made choices to do less, have more space, say no to things that are no longer heartfelt… …and yet in this space things come up – issues around value, self-worth and responsibility; inner criticism that feeds on ideas thatContinue reading “Not busy”

The dying of the old

I see a white man lying down, he is old and dying. Somehow i know that his sickness is linked to how he has lived – his relationship to others, the earth and to himself. There is also a family. They are quiet and humble, wise beyond appearances. They remind me that we already knowContinue reading “The dying of the old”

Rules, risk and consent

For someone who is generally resistant to rules without understanding, I feel grateful for two useful framings that came up from friends around covid and social distancing this week – risk and consent. RISK I recognise there isn’t trust in me in the rules being presented. From what i can see in the research, thereContinue reading “Rules, risk and consent”


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We are a collective of facilitators, nvc practitioners and creatives, passionate about reconnection with ourselves, each other and the natural world.

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