Living Nonviolence

Underpinning everything i do is a commitment to nonviolence, and to creating a world where ALL needs matter, where we can ALL thrive. The path of nonviolence was embodied for many by Dr Martin Luther King Junior, and practiced in many contexts around the world. At the core is a commitment to standing up againstContinue reading “Living Nonviolence”

Rules, risk and consent

For someone who is generally resistant to rules without understanding, I feel grateful for two useful framings that came up from friends around covid and social distancing this week – risk and consent. RISK I recognise there isn’t trust in me in the rules being presented. From what i can see in the research, thereContinue reading “Rules, risk and consent”

Reweaving our human fabric (Miki Kashtan)

“I think the seat of nonviolent communication is a different picture of human nature.Everything that we do is an attempt to meet basic needs that we all have…. and if you accept that premise, and you accept that in a natural state of choice and togetherness we are in the flow, and the flow includesContinue reading “Reweaving our human fabric (Miki Kashtan)”

Making decisions together (Convergent Facilitation)

A challenge and opportunity that rises to the surface as we look for ways to create change together is how we can make decisions that work for all. In the effort to hear and value different perspectives and share power, there can be slow and painful processes to reach consensus that can feel frustrating andContinue reading “Making decisions together (Convergent Facilitation)”

Transformation through uncertainty (ULab/TheoryU)

It was a few years ago that i first heard about TheoryU. It was mentioned in quite a mysterious way. The person knew that it was something I would value and love, yet didn’t quite know how to explain it. It still feels a little like that. I started to look into this TheoryU andContinue reading “Transformation through uncertainty (ULab/TheoryU)”