Here are some of the people our work is informed and inspired by…

Joanna MacyWork that Reconnects / Active Hope

Marshall RosenbergNonviolent Communication

Miki KashtanNonviolent Global Liberation

“Patriarchy emerges from scarcity, functions in separation & results in powerlessness. We liberate ourselves, individually and collectively, by restoring capacity in the opposite direction: what was lost last is restored first, and we move towards life instead of away from life.

To restore choice, we open ourselves to vulnerability and humility, thereby softening the habits of protection and control which keep patriarchy going. The opening we then find, and the strength that comes with it then make possible to deepen our awareness of interdependence, and to access tenderness for self and other, which allows us to restore togetherness. When are able to mourn together what we have lost and celebrate what we still have, we may have enough capacity to support the reemergence of flow through embracing generosity and receptivity.

We may then be able to create collective islands of liberation supported by systems and agreements that are fully oriented to purpose and values, are within capacity, embed the soft qualities, and make is possible for individual and collective capacity to increase.”

Charles EisensteinThe story of Interbeing

Dominic Barter Restorative Circles

And so many more!

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