We are a community of facilitators passionate about co-creating a more connected beautiful world, bringing a range of skills and experiences to support groups and individuals to reconnect.

Our vision is a society in which people co-create effective groups and systems where everyone matters, in a culture of trust. We are consciously working towards this by supporting people and groups to find their own life-serving relationships and systems.

In practice, this looks like…

  • Facilitating camps, events and workshops where we have more space to engage in self-connection and interconnection on a deeper level.
  • Working with organisations and community groups to support them to work together in a more collaborative and inclusive way.
  • Hosting Nonviolent Communication training and practice groups for individuals who would like to find more peace and power both in themselves and their relationships.
  • Acting as mediators and offering restorative spaces when relationships are strained.

We know from experience how transformative it is to connect more deeply, for both personal and collective liberation. We see this work as vital for social change – moving towards a society in which people have agency and can thrive.

We draw heavily on the theory and practice of Nonviolence and Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which was first developed by Marshall Rosenberg and has been a huge inspiration for us in our personal lives and in our decision to start offering this work.

We are also guided by The Work That Reconnects developed through Joanna Macy and the Active Hope movement.

We are also hugely inspired by Miki Kashtan and the Nonviolent Global Liberation community’s working prototype of a different way to live, work and organise. For a taste of what that’s about, please visit thefearlessheart.org and the NGL YouTube channel.

And many others have and continue to inspire us, those we meet locally and through our communities, aswell as Dominic Barter, Roxy Manning, Sarah Peyton and more. Thank you!

To find out more about us and the skills we use, visit the people page.

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