The dying of the old

I see a white man lying down, he is old and dying. Somehow i know that his sickness is linked to how he has lived – his relationship to others, the earth and to himself.

There is also a family. They are quiet and humble, wise beyond appearances. They remind me that we already know how to live simply and in harmony with life. I ask what is mine to do. They point me to the man, suggest I move my attention to what he needs.

I turn to the dying man and bring him medicine. It is something like cough syrup, intended to soothe rather than to attend to the underlying causes. I am called to show up, be kind, witness and soothe a little the process of acceptance and letting go.

I sense he is a symbol of our dying systems, of Patriarchy and domination, of right and wrong, of shame, deserve and control. I don’t know how I/we might be present to what needs to die, to bring some gentleness, but it feels important.

This story that came through simply and quietly in a journey as part of a Samhain ceremony around a fire yesterday is still sinking in. I see that some of what I am experimenting with is related – I do have trust we know how to create the new (partly through remembering what is ancient), and I am interested how to support the death of the old, and ease the transition of people moving from the old to new (& ancient) story. I see there is a need for gentleness and kindness in that, alongside all the strength, fire and rage that is also rising and much needed.

I remember this article from Miki Kashtan that I found so insightful around Patriarchy – a call to reconnect with choice, togetherness and flow, through the soft qualities of vulnerability and humility.

I am sure there is more to unravel here, in time. If any of this resonates with you, or you have thoughts or feedback, i would love to hear!

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One thought on “The dying of the old

  1. A powerful image, a metaphor for these times as we face our mortality and so much political madness all around. Thank you for sharing this so clearly, gently, honestly x


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